​​We are creators in space and time 

bringing forms into being in many fields of life.

Choosing to develop our innate ability to create leads us inward to what is truly important to us, awakening hope

and the ardent desire to go deeper, aim higher, learn more

and practice often. With increasing skill and expanding capacity, our creative energies take form under our direction, and we delight in what we have brought into being.

As our choices more clearly reflect our higher aspirations

and express our deeper values, we find ourselves reacting

less to what comes our way and creating more of what

we love in our lives. We feel a shift taking place, and with ever-deepening insight, we grow in understanding of what

it means to be free and true, healthy and whole.

 We begin where we are.

It doesn't matter how we got here.  

What matters is where we're going.

And we get to choose!

We take stock of what we have, gather what we need

for the first leg of our journey, and then . . . we're off!

The Road goes ever on and on          

Down from the door where it began . . .         

~ Tolkien                       


Invariably, we meet others along the way. We may

even decide to travel together for a time.  People who love creating their lives in freedom and truth often associate

with other creators. 

Delight: Creating a Life You Love is about being ourselves within ourselves and in community.

Welcome, friend!

Delight: Creating a Life

           You Love

Welcome to . . .